Hello! This is Reads and Feeds

Hello and welcome to Reads and Feeds, a book and food blog presented by the Monstrous Regiment. We’re delighted you stopped by our table on our small corner of the internet.

First things first–who is the Monstrous Regiment? Well, we’re a book club stationed in Louisville, KY. We love reading. And eating. And talking. And doing all those things together with each other–and now with you! Mostly, we love the collegiality of participating in a group of passionate people. We love asking questions and hearing other perspectives, whether the question is “How does Atwood’s prose turn the original structure of The Iliad on its head?” or “Could you please pass the macaroni and cheese?”

We read across genres, but we stick to one concept: everything we read is written by a woman. This isn’t a hard and fast rule–we’re open to reading works by men, but for the past ten months, we’ve stuck to the ladies. So far we’ve caught up with Mara Wilson, pondered the meaning of feminism with Roxane Gay, traveled with seven sisters with Michelle Lovric, and more. Yes, we are mostly women, with one gentleman joining in our shenanigans with gusto (Hi, Tim). We eat eagerly at restaurants that fit the theme of the book, like a French bakery for our first pick, The Little Paris Bookshop, or a fried chicken joint for The Member of the Wedding.

Reads and Feeds is our way of bringing you into the fun–it’s the next best thing to reading and eating with us. If you’re around, you’re always welcome to join in the fun! Just pull up a fork and a comfy chair–we’re going to be here awhile.
We have a lot to talk about.

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