Erin Carson


Erin is a reporter who enjoys collecting vinyl records, wandering through airports, and rage-watching HGTV. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby. She keeps a spreadsheet of every concert she’s ever attended.

Tim Dever

Tim is a sysadmin at an art museum by day, and an avid book reader by night. He likes his books like he likes his coffee and humor: dark. Hence Kurt Vonnegut is his favorite author. Non-reading hobbies include cycling, traveling, and working on his Thousand Cranes project.

Hannah Stoppel

Hannah S. is a reader, a writer, a costumer, a wig-maker, a historical interpreter, a cosplayer, a tea-drinker, and a lover of yellow. Her attitude towards food is hobbit-like, and towards stories, insatiable.

Hannah Zimmerman

headshot house

Hannah Z. is a Ravenclaw who works in museums and is constantly searching for the perfect taco. She loves coffee, the British Royal Family, and reading outside as much as possible. When she grows up, she’d like to be Nora Ephron.